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What's Your Brand? Answer these 3 Questions!

You may be thinking, "do I really need a brand statement?" The truth is you already have one. People who have experienced your brand have a perception of your strengths and your value. Personal branding is your key marketing messages that you want a potential employer to know about you. Now is the time to start defining and managing your message!

A brand statement can be communicated in a 6-second, 30-second, or 1-3 minute format and, according to Jorgen Sundberg, Undercover Recruiter, should answer these three fundamental questions:

  1. What value you provide (what problem do you solve)
  2. How you do it uniquely (your Unique Selling Points)
  3. Whom you do it for (your target audience)

Here is an example from Jorgen:

"A personal brand statement is memorable, punchy and solution-oriented. As opposed to simply saying “John is a boiler man,” why not “John keeps families in Edinburgh (target audience) warm (value) through bespoke heating installations using only the most advanced German boilers (unique)” This clearly tells you what John does, for whom and gives you an insight into how. I would say the statement is memorable, I for one think of a family keeping warm and snug over Christmas all thanks to the fantastic boiler man John."

Join us on Thursday, December 5, from 3-5pm, to learn more about how to craft your key message to a potential employer or customer. In addition to print resources, one of our Career Coaches will be available to assist you as you write your brand statement(s). Then, come back next Thursday, December 12, from 5:30-7:30pm for a Networking Social to practice your delivery!


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