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Create Your Own Website for adults

Join Kelly Coulter, Virtual Services Manager, as she walks you through the steps of using a DIY service to create your own website for personal, business or professional use.

For many small businesses online presence can be a real issue. Hiring a web developer can be expensive and time consuming, and often a finished website doesn’t meet all the requirements a business has.

In the last few years do-it-yourself website services have made huge strides. A small business owner can now build a website, upload photos, edit copy, and even manage inventory, from a low cost DIY service. These services can be a viable alternative to custom development.

Join us for some hands-on learning using the DIY service at You will open a free trial site, and begin populating it with your business message. Bring your laptop or tablet, or use one of our computers. Also, bring photos, plans, and marketing materials you have so they can be incorporated into your new site.

Age Group(s):
Adults, Programs for Adults