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The Five Best Toys of All Time

Last night, my three year old informed me that he wants a giant Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fortress for Christmas. This is unfortunate because I know for a fact that Santa has already purchased a talking robot on eBay, something my son just had to have... three weeks ago.

Even Santa has limits, and I'm pretty sure there won't be a ninja fortress under our tree on Christmas morning.

To distract myself from any feelings of guilt that may arise from my child not getting another piece of plastic junk, I re-read my favorite WIRED article ever.

In it, GeekDad Jonathan Liu reviews the Five Best Toys of All Time:

  1. Stick
  2. Box
  3. String
  4. Cardboard tube
  5. Dirt

If you're a parent and you need a reminder that it's the simple things that make children happiest -- or if you just need a good laugh -- I highly recommend reading the full article.

And as a librarian, I can promise you that sticks, boxes, string, cardboard tubes and dirt will do more to help your child build early literacy and school readiness skills than any hunk of overpriced plastic ever could.

Merry Christmas,


P.S. Get full-text access to WIRED Magazine using General OneFile and don't forget about free eMagazines through Zinio! (links below)