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Chantal W. -
Are you ready to start eating more healthy, but are not sure where to start? Join us on Tuesday, October 8, in the Bostick Auditorium, to learn more about how to create wholesome, nutritious and delicious recipes with Sharon Wright, co-owner and chef at the Good Life Café. Eating more healthily will help you... More 
Covers topics such as dieting and popular diets, dietary concerns, nutritional basics, and the effects of a person's dietary choices on one's health. Topics are organized around the development and history of a diet, its... More 
Dee -
Aïda Rogers is the former editor of Sandlapper, a quarterly magazine about South Carolina's people, places, history, and culture. Along with those topics, she covered more than 200 of South Carolina's favorite restaurants in her "Stop Where the Parking Lot's Full" column. Entries from that column, which she wrote for 15... More 
Examines food in relationship to nutrition, world health issues, agriculture, environmental concerns, current events and political decision-making. More 
Ron S. -

Today in History with a twist: September 3, 2013

War in Europe!      Europe is at war for the second time this century.  Today (1939) France, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia declared war on Germany in response for Germany's... More 
ThomasM -

Way More Than Five Great Comics Biographies

Fiction is a great escape, but reality has the greatest cast of characters. What do you look for in a biography? Do you want a slice of world history focused through one person’s life? A... More 
Alexis -

Flavor and Flame: 5 Books for Your Next Cookout

I think almost everyone loves a cookout. Grilling seems to make everything better: corn - perfectly roasted, peaches - grilled and topped with vanilla ice cream, burgers, hot dogs, even watermelon... More 
Chantal W. -

5 Books to Help You Plan the Perfect Summer Picnic

Thinking about planning a summer picnic? If so, check out these books for delicious recipes and handy tips on planning the perfect picnic no matter how simple or fancy. Bon Appétit! More 
Alexis -

Fast (and Slow) Food: 5 Cookbooks for Families On the Run

As summer winds down and we look toward the beginning of the school year, now is the perfect time to start thinking about those crazy evenings. Between sports, after school activities, homework,... More 


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