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Jane L. -

Seedheads, Glorious Seedheads

A plant is only worth growing if it looks good when it is dead." - Piet Oudolf, Dutch garden designer Here we are in the throes of a new spring season, and most of us have our sights set on... More 
Jane L. -

Grow What You Eat! Vegetable Gardening

Years ago, when home vegetable gardens were more the rule than the exception, home yards were not always the focal point of the home. In other words, yards were yards—usually expansive and not... More 
Jane L. -

Planting Peas

Planting sugar peas shouldn't be such a dilemma. I’ve been instructed for years by the Lexington Master Gardeners to plant this vegetable over the Thanksgiving weekend in November. Quite honestly... More 


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