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3M Cloud Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 3M Cloud Library?

The 3M Cloud Library is a new way for you to borrow eBooks. With the 3M Cloud Library, you will use your personal RCPL account to access e-books for your eReady devices. For instance, you may check out a book on your iPad, take notes while reading on a PC, and finish reading on an Android device. There is a bookmark feature that works across most devices, so you will not lose your place. You can read when, where and how you want. There are over 5,000 titles in the 3M Cloud Library.

What is a beta test?

Before software or websites are considered final products, and are ready for general usage, they undergo a testing phase, called beta testing. We were invited to take part in this beta test, alongside 10 other libraries from around the country.

What are 3M Cloud check-out limits?

  • 10 ebooks may be checked out at a time
  • Up to 5 ebooks can be placed on hold at once
  • Ebooks are checked out for up to twenty one days
  • The book returns automatically at 21 days.
  • Early return of any book is easily handled through your account.
  • Renewals are not an option, but customers can check out the same book later and the system will save your place.
  • You will have 3 days to check out a book on hold once it is available.
  • Your 3M Cloud ebook check-outs do not count against your Overdrive ebook count- you can have 10 3M ebooks and 10 Overdrive ebooks.

How can I browse and get started with RCPL’s 3M Cloud Library ebooks?

  • Go to our Downloadable Media page
  • The “Discovery Station” located near the Information Desk on the first floor at the on Assembly St.
  • Download the 3M Cloud Library App to your mobile device

What is the Discovery Station?

A free-standing terminal with a touch screen, 3M Discovery Stations let you browse and check out ebooks while in the library by sending the ebooks to your personal account for downloading.

How can I get started with the 3M Cloud Library mobile app?

  • Search your app store for the free 3M Cloud Library app. Android users: this will be listed as “Cloud Library” in your list of apps.
  • Select State/County–pick SC.
  • Select Library—for SC, select “Richland County PL.” You will see all RCPL branches listed. Any branch chosen will give access to the same 3M Cloud Library.
  • Enter Your Library ID—tap here to enter your library card number.
  • Enter Your Library PIN— this is usually the last 4 digits of your telephone number.
  • End User License Agreement—open this and tap “agree” to continue.
  • Tap the Login button!

Can I check out an eReader from the library?

Currently, the library has 20 3M eReaders available for checkout.

  • Any customer over the age of 18 with a valid library card may check out an eReader.
  • 3M eReaders do not require a credit card or anything other than a library card.
  • 3M eReaders synchronize easily with the 3M Cloud Library.
  • 3M eReaders can only be used with the 3M Cloud Library; they cannot be used for any other ebooks.
  • 3M eReaders may be checked out at the Information Desk on the first floor of the Main Library
  • eReaders are returned to circulation desk at Main Library. Please do not put eReaders in library return bins.

Can 3M eReaders be put on hold?

During the beta testing, 3M eReaders cannot be placed on hold.

How do I get library eBooks onto a 3M eReader?

Simply present your library card to a library staff member at the information desk beside the download station and your books will be downloaded on the eReader for you.

Will the library continue to offer ebooks through the OverDrive service?

Yes! We will still offer over 10,000 ebooks through Overdrive. The 3M Cloud Library allows another way for library customers to access ebooks.

What operating systems will be compatible with the computer software?

Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit), Vista (32 and 64 bit) and XP (service pack 3). Mac compatible software is in development.

What devices will be compatible with the new 3M Cloud Library?

Apple devices (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch), Android-based tablets and smartphones, Nooks, Sony eReaders, the 3m Library eReader, and more not specifically listed. However, Mac computers and Kindle devices are not compatible at this time.

What devices are compatible with the mobile app?

Devices that can access the app directly in the Android Marketplace (Android smartphones and tablets) or the Apple App Store (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).

Why can’t my Pandigital Reader (or other wifi enabled eReader) get the mobile app?

Your eReader cannot reach the full Google Play (the Android Marketplace), which is where the app for Android-based devices is available. It has been recommended to 3M to place the app in more app stores. Until then, you will need to use the computer software to download and transfer to your device.

Will 3M ebooks work with a Kindle?

Amazon, the company behind the Kindle, requires that lending library companies have an agreement with them in order to offer Kindle compatibility. 3M is in negotiations with Amazon, but those have been delayed until June 2012. As these negotiations progress, we will keep you updated.

I do not see the newest books by my favorite author, and they are a popular author regularly on the bestseller list. Why don’t you have them?

Some publishers are still deciding how to allow libraries to purchase or license digital copies of their books (both ebooks and e-audiobooks). Some of these publishers are currently not selling new ebooks to public libraries at all. For instance, James Patterson, a commonly requested author, is published by a company who does not allow public libraries digital copies of books.


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