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Downloading 3M Cloud Library eBooks for NOOK

These instructions are for the E Ink models of NOOK: Nook 3G, Nook WiFi, Nook Simple Touch, and Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight.


Nook Color, Tablet, and HD models can now download 3M Cloud Library eBooks directly over wifi using the free 3M Cloud Library App for Nook.

If you have a Barnes & Noble NOOK: nooks  

You can download: eBooks from Richland Library’s 3M Cloud Library


You will need:   nooksteps

A Mac or Windows PC, your NOOK, and your NOOK’s USB cable.



Get Set Up (You will only have to do this once):

Download the App on your computer:

Go to Richland Library’s 3M Cloud Library at  and click on the “Reader Apps” link at the top right corner of the page.

3-Reader Apps

Click on the “Windows” link to access the download page for the 3M Cloud Library for Windows App, or “Mac” to download the Mac application. Click on the “Download Cloud Library for Windows” or “Download Cloud Library for Mac” image:

Downloading 3M Cloud Library eBooks for Computers (PC and Mac)

Follow the prompts to install the software.

The first time you open the program, you will need to choose SC as your state, Richland Library as your library, and enter your Richland Library Card Number.

Authenticating the App:

If you already use the software program Adobe Digital Editions to download eBooks from OverDrive or another service, 3M Cloud Library should automatically detect and use the same Adobe ID you used to authenticate that program.

If Adobe Digital Editions is not already installed an

d registered, or 3M Cloud Library does not detect your Adobe ID, it will give you two options: Use a 3M Cloud ID (no sign-in required, other than your library card) or enter an Adobe ID and Password. The simplest way to proceed is to let 3M Cloud Library handle the authentication, and skip the process of creating or remembering an Adobe ID and password.

But! If you intend to transfer both 3M Cloud Library eBooks and OverDrive eBooks to a (non-Kindle) eReader, such as a NOOK or Sony Reader, you should authenticate your 3M Cloud Library app using your Adobe ID and password. Otherwise your eReader will only work with one service at a time.


Using the App:

Browsing and searching for eBooks using the 3M Cloud Library app works just like it does on the 3M Cloud Library website and in the 3M Cloud Library mobile apps.

Using 3M Cloud Library Online and the Discovery Terminal

The navigation icons at the top of the screen allow you to browse by Shelves or by Categories, to Search, or to view your Books.

You can use Advanced Search to narrow your search to currently available titles only.

When you click on My Books, you will see any books you have checked out using either this app, the web interface, the Discover Terminal, or a 3M Cloud Library mobile app. To read one of these books, click on its cover. This will open the book in a fifth navigation tab. To exit, you can click on one of the other tabs (Shelves, Categories, Search, My Books).


Transferring eBooks to NOOK:

Connect your NOOK to your computer using its USB cable. In the 3M Cloud Library App, a notification will appear below the navigation tabs: “connected to device: Nook”. Click on “My Books” and you will see a green “download to device” button on your eBooks. Click it to transfer your eBooks. A dialog box will tell you when your eBook has been successfully transferred to your device.

*Note: If you are using an eReader or the 3M Cloud Library app for the first time, you may be asked about your Adobe authorization. See above for more detail.

Safely eject the NOOK from your computer.

Your eBooks have been transferred to your NOOK!


Frequently Asked Questions: I transferred my library eBooks to my NOOK–where are they?

NOOK 1st Edition (aka NOOK WiFi, NOOK 3G+WiFi):


On NOOK 1st Edition, sideloaded eBooks will be placed in the “My Documents” section of the NOOK’s “library.” To find them, tap the home button (the lowercase “n” in the black bar between the E Ink screen and the LCD touchscreen) and then select the “my library” icon on the touchscreen. At the top of the E Ink screen you will see either the words “My B&N Library” (referring to Barnes & Noble eBooks) or “My Documents.” If you see “My B&N Library” you will need to toggle over to “My Documents” by selecting the first option in the touchscreen menu, “Go to My Documents.” NOOK Simple Touch and

NOOK Simple Touch with Glowlight


On NOOK Simple Touch, sideloaded eBooks will automatically appear in the NOOK’s “Library”–no searching required.

NOOK Tablet and NOOK Color


On NOOK Tablet and NOOK Color, sideloaded eBooks are placed into a folder on the NOOK called “Digital Editions.” To find this folder, open the “Library” on your NOOK Tablet/Nook Color and select “My stuff” / “My files” at the top right corner.


Returning eBooks Early:

As of 9/19/12, the 3M Cloud Library App for PC v1.25 no longer allows users to return books early. (Smartphone and tablet app users can still check in ebooks early from their devices.)


Deleting eBooks on the device:

On NOOK 3G and NOOK Wifi: select the title under “My Documents” and, instead of opening it, select “Item Details & Options.” Select “Delete” and confirm.

NOOK Simple Touch: On NOOK Simple Touch, sideloaded files must be deleted through your computer. You can use Adobe Digital Editions or delete by using the file system (Windows or Mac).

To delete the eBook, you’ll need to connect the Nook to your computer with the USB cord and access the Nook as if it were an external disk or a USB flash drive. The eBook file will be in a folder called “Digital Editions”. Once you locate the file, you can delete it manually.

The State Library of Kansas has produced a video that will walk you through the process:

On NOOK Tablet and NOOK Color running the latest software: Navigate to the “Digital Editions”folder on your NOOK so that you can see the icon of the title you wish to delete. Hold your finger down on the icon for a few seconds, and a menu will pop up. Select “Delete Item.”


For additional NOOK support, see Barnes & Noble’s NOOK support page.


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