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How do I place a hold on library materials?

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If the item you are looking for is checked out to another customer, or if you want an item sent to your favorite Richland Library location, you can place that item on hold.

To place a hold, search Richland Library's online catalog to find the title of the item, you wish to reserve. Follow the steps below and check out this screencast tutorial if you need additional help.

If you do not have access to a computer you are always welcome to call or visit any Richland Library location, to have staff assist you with placing a hold on library materials.

Screenshot illustrating location of Tradit

Search the traditional catalog by clicking the Traditional Catalog link located under the search box near the top right of the page.

Find the Keyword search screen by clicking Search and then choosing Keyword. Keyword searching is ideal because it allows you to sort the search results any way you choose.

Type in the title of the item, the author/artist's name, or the subject in the "Keyword Search For" box. You can narrow your search further by using the drop down menus in the "Search By" and "Limit By" boxes to change the search criteria.

Screenshot of catalog showing the place a hold button.

When you see the item you want in the results list click the "Place a Hold" button.

Screenshot of logging into the library catalog

After you click the "Place a Hold" button you will be prompted to log in to your library account (if you're not logged in already). Input your library card number (no spaces) in the top box and your 4 digit pin (typically the last four digits of your primary phone number) in the bottom box. Click Log on.

Screenshot of choosing your hold's pickup location

Choose your pickup library. You can have your holds sent to any of our eleven Richland Library locations. Click Submit. If there are no holds on the item this will complete the hold.

If there are already one or more holds on the item you will be asked if you still want to place the request. If so, click Continue to complete the hold.

Your request has been placed and you are now on the waiting list for the item. Click on any of the three buttons, "Return to search results", "Go to your list of hold requests" or "Log out", at the bottom of the page to exit.

Photo of the Main Library holds shelves

Your hold will be sent to the pickup location and you will receive notification of the hold either by phone or email, depending on your notification preference. The item will stay on the holds shelf for 7 days. If the item is not picked up by then it will either go onto the next customer or back onto the shelf.

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