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How do I find the newest DVDs at Richland Library?

We are often asked about how to find the latest DVDs in Richland Library's collection. One way is to check the weekly content posted on our website that let customers know about the new DVD and Blu Ray arrivals that can include both the newest titles out and newer copies of older films and documentaries.

The second way to find the newest DVDs is by checking the Richland Library online catalog. The online catalog will allow you to see how many DVDs are in the collection and to sort them in publication date order. See the steps below.

Search the traditional catalog by clicking the Traditional Catalog link located under the search box near the top right of the page.

Find the Keyword search screen by clicking Search and then choosing Keyword. Keyword searching is ideal because it allows you to sort the search results any way you choose.

To see how many DVDs Richland Library owns conduct a Keyword Search. Since we are not looking for a specific title in the "Keyword Search For:" box input the wild card symbol, an asterisk (*).
In the "Limit by:" box select DVD. Click the Go button!

You can view up to 100 results per screen by using the drop down menu to change it from 10 to 100. In the "Sort" box choose publication date to get the newest DVDs at the top.

Newest DVDs have been sorted to the top. Now place a DVD on hold. We can send it to any Richland Library location and notify you when it is ready for pickup.

You can save this search! Customers can save any search except browse searches, and have the saved searches run automatically either weekly or monthly and then emailed to them.