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How to get Free Music App

Free Music from Richland Library





  1. open app store

Open App Store


2. search for "freegal music"


Search for "Freegal Music"


3. freegal app will load


Freegal app will load


4. once installed, tap freegal app to open


Once installed, tap Freegal app to open


5. enter zip code, city or country


Enter Zip Code, City or Country


6. select Richland Library


Select Richland Library


7. enter library card # and pin (usually last 4 digits of your phone)


Enter Library Card # and Pin


7. tap to "agree" to terms and conditions


Tap to "Agree" to Terms & Conditions.


8. browse or search thousands of songs, artists or albums


Browse or search thousands of artists, songs or albums.


9. tap download arrow next to desired song


Tap download arrow next to desired song

10. Listen and enjoy!! songs will be stored in "my music" in freegal app


Listen & enjoy!  Songs will be stored in "My Music" in Freegal App




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