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Mock Interviews: Why They Are So Important

It is a common misconception that there is no way to prepare for an interview: “you either know it or you don’t.” This attitude has led to many avoidable interviewing failures. Preparing for an interview is a process that begins with knowing yourself and what you can do for the employer. Next, the interviewee must know the company they are interviewing with- what they make or sell, as well as some current company trends. The interviewee should also familiarize him/herself with common standard and behavioral interview questions and practice answering these questions. Common interview questions can be found in books about interviewing, on the Internet, and on Richland Library Job Center handouts. At this point interviewees should take advantage of mock interview sessions at the Richland Library Job Center. These live practice sessions will test interviewing skills, familiarize interviewees with common interview questions, provide feedback and tips, and help to calm nerves.


  • Know yourself and the potential employer - spend time thinking about your goals, talents, skills, abilities, and experiences (what positive stories can you tell).
  • Research before you go - find literature or information online about the organization and its products so you are well informed.
  • Create Your Elevator Speech - prepare a 2-5 minute sales pitch about yourself and rehearse with a friend or family.
  • View and Prepare for common Standard and Behavioral Interview/S.T.A.R Questions. Questions can be found in Richland Library Job Center handouts, interview preparation books, the internet, and YouTube.
  • Make a list of 5 questions to ask the interviewer about the organization and/or the position.
  • Study mock interview feedback and continue to use this service until you feel comfortable with the interview process.
  • Richland Library Job Center Mock Interview Hours: Every First and Third Wednesday at 10:00-12:00

    Please sign in at the Business, Careers and Research Desk on the 3rd level of Richland Library Main