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4 "Scariest" Job Seeeker Costumes

My favorite part of Halloween is creating costumes. For one night, we hide behind on our mask, make-up, and clothes and become something entirely different. Whatever you imagine you can be no matter how unusual or improbable. As job seekers, we need to be Wonder Woman or Superman every day and present the best of who we are as employment candidates. Unfortunately, some of us don’t know what we want to be and end up adopting some bad job search “costume” habits.

What kind of a job seeker are you?

Vampire: are your sucking the lifeblood from your network of friends, family, former co-workers, and anyone who is just trying to help? Remember, you can’t call incessantly, whine constantly, and prowl for job leads relentlessly. Instead, send thank-you follow-up letters after interviews and stay connected to your network with periodic updates and by offering your help and expertise.

Frankenstein: do you struggle getting your point across when someone asks you the “Tell me about yourself” questions? “Fire, bad… Me, good” won’t land you the job. Consider crafting a 30-60 second statement about your strongest professional attributes, accomplishments, and passions. Check the Business and Job Center calendar for Interview Practice on Wednesdays and other helpful classes!

Werewolf: are you howling at the moon every night and expecting a different result? Do you just want to scream in frustration when you don’t get a call about a job you applied for? Make sure you are applying for jobs that you are truly qualified for and that your resume reflects the right keywords employers are looking for.

Zombie: are you wondering around aimlessly and everything seems to be falling apart? To be an effective “job getter,” you have to bring your job search strategies back from the dead. You can’t rely on what worked 10 years ago. Are you LinkedIn? Are your technology skills from the land of the living? Keep your job search and marketing tools fresh!

Need a new job search “costume”? Come to the Business and Job Center!

  1. One-on-one career coaching by appointment: personalized assistance with job search techniques, self-marketing materials like the résumé, interviewing, social networking, career transitions, how to find and pay for retraining opportunities, and much more!
  2. One-on-one interview practice: first come first served on Wednesdays from 10-12pm
  3. Networking and Support Group the first Thursday of every month from 9:30-11:00am
  4. Classes and Labs: check the monthly calendar and come work on your LinkedIn profile or Resume in a lab or learn something new about Social Networks, Business Etiquette, Enhancing your Employment, or Finding a Job Online

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