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Are you in a federal high-risk pool?

A high-risk pool is an insurance plan for those who were previously considered too ill to insure, for example, people living with HIV or who have cancer. People who were denied health insurance for a pre-existing condition and who were uninsured for at least six months were able to enroll in a federal high-risk pool, known as the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP).

As a result of the Affordable Care Act, individuals can no longer be excluded because of pre-existing conditions. The government had originally planned to close the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan on December 31, 2013. However, they have decided to extend the program until March 15, 2014. However, you must enroll by this date to avoid a gap in coverage.

This means that if you are in the federal PCIP, you have approximately two more months to choose and enroll in a health insurance plan while receiving the care you need.


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