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Community Conversation Recap: Richland Library North Main

North Main residents let their voices be heard during a community conversation about the future of Richland Library North Mainin July 2014.
Here's what they had to say.
They value:
• The diverse community
• Education
• Safety
• The staff at North Main
• The current location
• Children’s books
• Computers
• Health and Wellness
• Utilizing community resources and people (artists, retired teachers, partner agencies)
• The library as a “community center”
They need:
• More space for programming and special events (Black History Program)
• Workshops geared toward teens
• Programs for middle school children
• More children’s programming (especially in evenings)
• Art work throughout the building
• Tutoring spaces
• Math manipulatives
• Current technology/Strong, fast internet signals
• Digital displays
• Homework center/job center
• Venue/Café for live performances
• Lots of natural light
• Adult programs with child care (cooking classes, computer skills…)
• Longer hours
• Secure outdoor space
• Community Garden
• Enhanced exterior to attract passersby
• Better outdoor lighting
• Bilingual programs
Don't miss this exciting event!
See all the community feedback come together during a sneak peek of the new Richland Library North Main.
6 p.m. on Thursday, January 29
Richland Library North Main, 5306 North Main Street
Have ideas for improving your location? Have a picture of a place that inspires you to learn and create? Join us at a future session to share your thoughts with our staff and innovative architects.
If you’re unable to attend one of these sessions, please share your ideas and pictures by sending us an email at Or, stop by anytime and leave your feedback with a staff member at Richland Library North Main. For the latest news on Richland Library renovations and reconfigurations, visit
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