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Dapper Little Horseman

With 4 sick horses in tow, Clarence Buxton arrived in Columbia In 1929. Buxton hoped that Columbia’s mild winter climate would improve the health of his thoroughbreds. One year later Buxton and Mayor Owens negotiated a long term lease for Clarence and his brother Merritt to build a winter horse training center on the fairgrounds.

For the next twenty years Clarence Buxton and fellow horse trainer Max Hirsch made Columbia and the Bluff Rd fairgrounds site renowned for winter thoroughbred training.

Buxton was quite a character according to his 1967 obituary. “The dapper little horseman was possessed of a magnificent gift of gab he used to spin anecdotes from his long career to promote Columbia, South Carolina, the fairgrounds race track and Clarence Buxton with great zest and enthusiasm.”

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