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Declare Your Career Independence

Are you feeling stuck? Tapped out? Frustrated? Unmotivated? Do you hear yourself complaining constantly about your dead-end job, bad boss, or workplace minutiae? Or, do you hear yourself saying, “Well, at least I have a job”? Both messages will lead you nowhere! Declaring your career independence means knowing why you are valuable and speaking up for what you want! Susan Bernstein, work futurist and executive coach, says, “If you want to have greater independence in your work, make it your job to translate your skills, talents and abilities so that you become crystal clear about the problems that you solve.” We are in the driver’s seat of our “car-eers,” and with a good road map, the right fuel, and a little direction, we can determine our destination and get to where we want to go!

Don’t be a victim of your career! When we spend so much of our time worried or complaining about our jobs, we are not in control. We are letting our circumstances define us instead of defining our circumstances.

Don’t be complacent! You can say you’re happy just to be working, but eventually, being passive turns into feeling stuck. You are responsible for shaping your work experience!

Regain your sovereignty! As we shift from long-term employment to short-term “gigs,” we have to know why we are valuable and what problems we can solve. Once you know your value, speak up for what you want. Be vocal!

Boost your ROLE! Susan Bernstein, work futurist and executive coach, advises us to boost our… Return On Life Energy. Where do you feel Energy Gains and where do you feel Energy Drains? Make a list and find ways to add more of what energizes you into your work life and ways to lessen or eliminate the aspects that zap your energy. Once again, be proactive and vocal about what you would like to add to your workday to boost your ROLE. Remember to make requests not demands and always highlight to your managers what you love to do and how it will benefit them.

Not sure how to start? Consider scheduling a career coaching appointment at the Business and Job Center. Our career development facilitators are ready to assist you in your career process.