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From the Director - November/December 2013

Am I the only one who feels like the older I get, the faster time passes? A cursory Google search on the topic let me know I am not. As it turns out, there are complex mathematical formulas that describe what I—and many others—are experiencing. Indeed, as we age and our lives become more routine, our knowledge of the world grows and time appears to speed up. The decades feel like years, years like months and so on. This explains why the events of the past year seem like a blur. And it also explains while some of these events—like our son’s first soccer game, a family trip to Williamsburg and my sweet middle child saving her allowance for weeks to buy a longed-for stuffed animal—seemed to slow time down, even if just for a little while.

I have other wonderful memories from the year, ones that I share with my coworkers and customers. I won’t forget the look on the faces of the residents of Eastover when they first stepped into their brand new library. Or watching on the big screen with almost 200 other new friends as Josiah Washington, our “library kid,” won big on Jeopardy. And seeing 25 shy and happy kids sitting across the table from their new reading tutors at the beginning of summer, knowing they would go back to school ready to learn in the fall, was amazing.

Growing up in the Midlands, I’ve seen first-hand that the library is often a part of the personal and shared memories and stories of a community. As the city has grown in the last 20 years and expanded into regions like Sandhills and Ballentine, the library has opened its doors six and seven days a week to accommodate 2.7 million visits a year. We welcome people when they need us most. We create opportunities for customers to make new memories with their families and friends. We care about helping people look forward and rewrite their personal stories.

There are so many exciting things on the horizon for our library and our community. Take a few minutes to peruse the pages of this issue of Access, share your copy with a friend, and make plans to stop by and see us before 2013 ends. We want to wish you well and hear your plans for 2014.

If you want to know more about our plans and the library’s vision for the future, stop by any of our 11 locations and we’ll gladly talk to you about them. You can also find a snapshot of the things we need to continue to advance our community on our website.

I look forward to seeing you and talking with you soon. Happy holidays.

Melanie Huggins, Executive Director

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