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Election 101

Voting is important. No matter who you vote for, or who ends up elected, voting lets you have your voice heard. Here's a few resources you might want to check out before casting your ballot on November 6th.

So you know there are some Richland County elections coming up, but you have no idea which Districts. Check out this hand general election candidate list from SCVotes.org- the website of the South Carolina State Election Commission.

Now you have a list of the district elections and the candidates in your hand. But you have no idea what district you belong in. No problem, because the South Carolina Legislature has an excellent tool for you- Find Your Legislators.

Before you head to the polls, check your pockets for one of the following: your voter registration card, your driver's license, or an ID card from your local DMV. There was a lot of talk about a Voter ID law earlier this year- do not worry, that does not affect this election. If you have concerns about the voting process, there is an excellent resource on scvotes.org that will answer a lot of your questions.

Polls open at 7:00am and stay open all day, so you can vote before, during, or after work. Remember to be in line at your polling location by 7:00pm!