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Hiring Trends in 2013

Believe it or not, hiring is stable but it might look different than you think. Here are some hiring practices that are trending in 2013.

Employers Struggle to Fill Positions

You may be thinking, “What?” but it is true! Companies are struggling to find experienced workers in several fields including IT, nursing, and engineering. Great positions are going unfilled because of a lack of qualified applicants. If you want to be in a position to get a great job, plan on gaining the technical skills you need to succeed!

Internal Hiring

Many companies are taking advantage of the affordability and efficiency of training and promoting within their own talent pool. Don’t forget the importance of getting your foot in the door with a desirable company and becoming a valuable resource.

Hiring is Up for Temp, Contract, Interns, and College Students

Companies will continue to do more with less so expect fewer hours and more responsibility. Hiring temp and contract work helps employers to fill gaps in services while maintaining productivity. Federal and State job creation incentives are influencing hiring trends like hiring college students.

Using Social Media for Hiring

82.6% of recruiters said they planned to use LinkedIn more than they did already followed by Twitter and Facebook. If you want to be seen and to stand out from the pack, you need to be online and you need to have a strong brand message. “Google” yourself more often to manage and protect your online brand.

Starting Your Own Business

If you can’t find a job you want, create one! Many job seekers are starting their own businesses both for profit and non-profits. But expect and be prepared for competition because small business is on the rise!

Job Search Trend: Hiring a professional resume writer

Surveys say that your chances of getting noticed increases by as much as 40% when you hire a professional resume writer but you don’t have to pay a dime. The library offers free resume assistance by certified and professional resume writers.

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