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How to be fit in your forties

The first time I realized I am getting middle-aged and probably carrying more flab in my midsection than I should is when on a trip to India a young street vendor said to me: “Auntie, can you buy some flowers?” and I was traumatized because the last time I visited they addressed me as didi (older sister) and an older sister looks considerably younger than your aunt! So, back in America where thankfully people do not make you their family members instantly as I would die of embarrassment if a three year old at a grocery store called me grandma, I joined a zumba class.Three weeks after doing zumba diligently, the scale had not budged at all but I did look a bit toned up and had more energy and my usually befuddled mommy brain felt more focused and organized. In my twenties and thirties, I could exercise for a couple of weeks and eat right and the results would show on the scale but in my forties it takes longer.

It is more difficult to lose weight in your forties but certainly not impossible, the metabolism slows down, some ways to perk it up include drinking warm water with lemon and honey first thing in the morning, drinking green tea, and exercising . I have been told that eating a multi-vitamin and calcium rich foods is good for you and also to try strength training to build some muscle. We have to remember to drink 8 glasses of water every day.The basic facts of weight loss are so simple, eat healthy and exercise, eat fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains and go easy on the desserts, everyone knows what to do but it is so hard to do it. I was reading in a magazine that willpower is a mental muscle you need to exercise the most in an effort to lose weight, so true and the hardest muscle to exercise. Mind must win over matter in the weight loss battle. We need to put an end to overeating when we are stressed out.

We have a lot of books and resources at the library to help you be fit and fabulous in your forties. Check them out for inspiration and guidance. Learn about exercising,portion control, food substitutes, planning and shopping, cooking low fat comfort foods, success stories and so much more. The fitness books and DVDs are in the call number 613.7 (books are on the third level at the main library and DVDs are in Film and Sound) The low fat and healthy food cookbooks are in the call number 641.5638. If we take care of ourselves now we will definitely enjoy a healthier old age!


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