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Low-level Jobs Can Offer High-impact Returns

Not all of us are aiming for that CEO position on Wall Street. The realities of today’s competitive job market, shrinking hiring budgets, and global outsourcing mean many job seekers are turning to low-skill, low-level, entry-level, or task-oriented jobs to get an edge, gain experience, transition to a new career, or take a break from a high-stress job. With 1 in 2 college graduates unable to find employment in their field, entry-level positions (normally employed by a labor force with limited education and/or skills) are becoming more difficult to find.
Low-skill does not mean you do not have skills! It means the job does not require special education, skills, qualifications, or certifications. Low-level, low-skill, entry-level, and task-oriented jobs still require you to perform with excellence including punctuality, reliability, customer service, problem solving, and teamwork among other highly sought-after employability skills.
If you are considering a low-level position while looking for your next big break, maximize your time at the beginning to experience big gains in the future by remembering these tips:
  • Be sure this job leaves you with the time and energy to pursue you career goals.
  • Be excellent! sure to exhibit excellent employability skills.
  • Be sure the job is allowing you to demonstrate your transferrable skills so you can build your resume. For example, many entry-level positions are on the frontlines of a business and allow you to build customer service skills that are vitally important and sought after in higher-level positions.
  • Choose an entry-level position in your career field when possible.
  • Network, network, network! Always be networking for your next opportunity.
  • One additional word about low-level jobs… they are diminishing. We have to be realistic about the new job market! Lower-level, task-oriented jobs are not going to pay a living wage. To get ahead today, you have to embrace life-long learning and be willing to increase your skills and education. If you do not have a high school education, now is the time to get your GED! Richland Library can help! Also, Goodwill Job Connections comes to the Business and Careers Center on the 2nd Wednesday of the month to answer questions about their training programs in Custodial Management, Retail, Food Service, Contact Centers, and Certified Nurse Aides. These jobs are entry-level, hard work, and, at times, high turnover, but they offer great ways to get a foot in the door and position you for a promising career! Drop by the Business and Careers Center to learn about all the ways we can help.