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Need Help Paying Your Insurance Premiums?

Have you purchased health insurance through the federal health insurance marketplace, and are having some trouble making your monthly payments?

The Cooperative Ministry has a new program called the Insurance Premium Assistance Program (IPAP), that can provide assistance in paying health insurance premiums.

Take a look at the requirements below to see if you qualify:

  • Only households making between 100 percent and 200 percent of the federal poverty level are eligible. That’s $11,490 to $22,980 for an individual. Click here to see if you fall within the federal poverty guidelines for this program.
  • Have received financial assistance from the federal government to pay your monthly premiums (also known as tax credits).
  • Only individuals with a silver-level health plan and only those who have paid their first premium are eligible.
  • Individuals must live in Richland, Lexington or Fairfield counties.
  • Individuals who have already started paying their monthly premiums can still take advantage of the financial assistance as well. If you think you may qualify, please visit The Cooperative Ministry at 3821 West Beltline Blvd., Columbia, SC from 9am - 5pm. All applications must be completed in person. If you have any additional questions, please call 803-799-3853.


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