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A New Look for Freegal

Recently, Freegal rolled out an entirely new interface for downloading music and, as often happens, the change has not been altogether easy. For those who are used to finding songs and albums on the old version of the site, the new interface means learning how to find things all over again. To ease this process, here are a few tips on searching and finding the music you want on the site.

The search bar at the top of the screen has a drop down menu just to the left that default to Search All. Clicking on this menu will reveal a list of the following catagories that can be used to narrow down your search.

  • Albums
  • Artists
  • Composers
  • Genres
  • Songs
  • Videos
  • If you know, for instance, that you want to find a specific song title or album, select the appropriate catagory before you hit return or click the search icon. This will give you a much more accurate result.

    If you enjoy classical music, as I do, finding a specific song or piece is a bit more challenging. So many of the "song" titles or even the album titles are very generic and there are hundreds of items to sort through. The following tips may be helpful.

    1. If you know that the piece you are interested in is on a specific album, performed by a specific group, artist or conductor, search by one of these names rather than by title or composer name.
    2. When you type a name or title into the search bar, you will see suggestions appear under the term you are typing. Not only will you be able to see the various ways a name appears in site, but you can also see which catagory the name is in. If you click on one of the suggestions, remember to also select the catagory before initiating your search.
    3. When browsing the results, there will be many song titles that only display part of the title. Remember that if you hover over the title with your mouse, a box will appear with the full title so that you can determine which symphony, concerto or sonata it is.

    Even with these tricks, finding the classical music you seek will require scrolling through some very long lists as there is a lot of it in the site.