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Overlooked Tax Benefits for Job Seekers

If you have spent lots of time this past year polishing your resume, attending job fairs, and trying to get interviews for employment, you may be able to deduct those expenses. In order to qualify for these deductions you must not be a new graduate or looking for your first job or have allowed a substantial amount of time passed since you were a part of the workforce. Go to the IRS site for further detail and as always keep records to validate deductions.

You may be able to take a deduction for the following job related expenses.

  • Clothes: suit, pair of pumps or shoes
  • Professional bag and portfolio
  • Travel between cities,(lodging) or within the commuting area
  • Meals
  • Fax service
  • Photocopies, stamps, stationary
  • Networking cards
  • Gasoline
  • Cell phone
  • Books
  • Mileage related to volunteering
  • **Note: You must be looking for a job in the same trade or business as your previous position.

    Even self-employment efforts could count at tax-filing time. The costs associated with investigating or attempting to start your own business, as long as it's in the same field as your current profession, may be tax-deductible.