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Project Summer Stride Mid-point Evaluation and Parent Feedback

This post was written by Kassie Mae Miller from USC's Office of Program Evaluation.

At the mid-point of the program, evaluators from the Office of Program Evaluation, in the College of Education at the University of South Carolina, met parents as their children came off the bus to ask them about their experiences with Project Summer Stride. We used a new iPad app, CareToTell, that allowed us to document their answers without wireless internet and upload them to an online analytic program when we returned to our office.

We gathered feedback from nine parents at both of the drop-off locations and also from parents who pick up their child directly from the library. Feedback was not collected from family friends or family members other than parents who were picking up the child from the program.

All of the parents reported that their child is learning from the program and that they read the books from Project Summer Stride with their child often. One parent noted regularly reading the books, but with less frequency.

Most of the parents shared that the timing for the program from 10:00am to 1:00pm on Tuesdays was good for them. One parent suggested having the start time slightly earlier, so dropping off his or her child could coincide with going to work and pick-up could potentially happen during lunch hour.

We asked the parents if they had any additional ideas to improve the program and most of the parents praised the program rather than offering suggestions. A few parents shared that they would like the program to be longer, on more days of the week, and available for younger children to participate as well.

One parent enthusiastically shared additional feedback about Project Summer Stride: he wanted the staff to know that he really appreciated the program and that his child greatly enjoyed attending the sessions each week. He noted that the gift cards were a very helpful bonus, and he has planned to use them to purchase new school clothes and supplies for his child for the coming academic year.

Overall, the parent feedback was resoundingly positive for the program. So far, the summer is off to a great start!