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Project Summer Stride: Week Five

For week five, the children had a special treat - a visit from storyteller, Darion McCloud. After breakfast, tutoring time and lunch, the children gathered on a quilt to hear folk stories and other tales come alive through the magic of storytelling. Darion told the children "The Golden Arm" and had them mesmerized. They all gasped in surprise and fright at the scary "jump" ending. Mixed into the stories, Darion talked to the children about storytelling and even told them a bit about how stories are turned into books.

We also held a tutor training and discussion this week, in addition to our normal activities. While the children enjoyed the storytelling, many of the Project Summer Stride tutors met with our reading coach to learn new techniques and discuss issues or challenges they encounter during tutoring.

Project Summer Stride is being evaluated by USC's Office of Program Evaluation. OPE staff surveyed parents as they were picking up their children this week to gauge their level of satisfaction with the program so far. Parents also received the second attendance incentive - $50 Visa gift card for children who attended 3 out of 5 sessions.