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A PSS student creates a paper flower at the third session.

Project Summer Stride: Week Three

Tuesday, June 25, marked week three of Project Summer Stride. The children and tutors are becoming more familiar with one another, and they move from activity to activity with excitement. Four adult volunteers are also helping each week. They assist with all aspects of the program, from setting out lunches to singing and reading with the children. With so many children attending Project Summer Stride, it is a great help to have so many extra hands.

After the first two weeks, we realized the tutors wanted more guidance and suggestions for the tutoring process. A reading coach is available during the tutoring time to provide help and tips to the tutors. For week three, the reading coach developed two documents for the tutors to use while tutoring. First, she created an example tutoring agenda full of activities and techniques that the tutors could try with their students. The tutors can pick and choose different activities each week so that each tutoring session feels fresh and is beneficial to the student. The reading coach also developed a reading exercise to help tutors determine which book level was best for their student. These documents went over well and definitely enhanced the tutoring experience for everyone.

This week after tutoring and lunch, Ms. Sarah from Richland Library Northeast visited Summer Stride and taught the children how to make tissue paper flowers. The children had a blast creating the flowers and each made several large, colorful blooms. The children also selected books to take home - each child received three books this week. Their little arms were full with books and flowers as they left the library to head home on their bus.