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Project Summer Stride: Week Two

Week two of Project Summer Stride continued to build on the successes of week one. The children arrived at the library and enjoyed a short storytime. They sang "Super Duper 1,2,3", a song that invites each child to say their name, broken into syllables, as they clap and stomp. This helps children learn to identify the smaller sounds that make up words and improves their phonological awareness.

The tutors arrived as the children sang, stomped and clapped. We were able to recruit a few more tutors for the program, so tutoring was one-on-one this week. The children and tutors are developing great friendships, and there were many smiles and hugs as the tutors arrived. The student/tutor pairs scattered around the room and began to read, draw and write. At the end of tutoring each week, the tutors journal about the session and record all the books their student read that day.

It was soon time for lunch. The children loved the ham and cheese rollups, chips, juice and the fresh fruit. Especially the fruit! The children got second and third helpings of fruit and loved to call out what they wanted - kiwi! green grapes! orange slices! strawberries! After lunch and a quick bathroom break, it was time for music. Baba Seitu entertained the children with African drumming. He had them join in on call-and-response songs and invited everyone up on stage for a group drumming finale.

Week two flew by, and it was soon time for the children to choose their books. They each chose two titles, wrote their names in the PSS bookplate and dropped them in their bright green books bags (bags were donated by the Richland Library Friends). Each book bag also contained a literacy tip for the children's parents which encouraged them to read every day with their child. The children then exited the library to board their bus and head home. But the reading didn't stop when they left the library. As the bus rolled away, many of the children pulled out their brand new books and began to read.