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Wonder Woman

Superhero Showdown: Round Two

The superpowered showdown between DC and Marvel’s finest continues where it left off, with the winners of the first round now facing each other. There is a link to the first round of Superhero Showdown under "I Recommend" in case you need a refresher on the rules and progress of the brackets.

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Round Two

Batman vs Green Arrow

Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) is once again in his element, as last round he went toe to toe against Hawkeye (Clint Barton), “another good archer,” and now he is matched against Batman (Bruce Wayne), “another skilled rich guy.” The rules of these showdowns puts Green Arrow at a distinct advantage, as a block’s distance gives him all the time in the world to unload a quiver of arrows into Batman’s hide. However, the counter-argument was that Batman’s near-bulletproof armor would probably deflect arrows with ease, and that Batman has enough agility and gadgets to neutralize any trick arrows fired at him. Once the distance between them is closed –Batman grappling to a rooftop and swooping down was suggested- Batman would KO Green Arrow in a heartbeat.

Deadpool vs Iron Man

Deadpool (Wade Wilson) is vastly outgunned here, as Iron Man (Tony Stark)’s repulsor blasts and military-grade hardware can do far more damage than Deadpool’s guns, swords, and grenades. One particularly ardent Deadpool fan argued that he has the advantage of time to see him through this fight, as Deadpool could play possum, heal in the meantime, and wait for a later opportunity to strike. The moment Iron Man leaves his suit or even opens his helmet, Deadpool would assassinate him.

She-Hulk vs Flash

The opening argument here seemed to be not if Flash (Barry Allen) would beat She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters), but how: circumnavigate the earth and hit her with a punch of destructive velocity? Whip up a twister with his arms and launch her into the sea? Push her a couple thousand miles into a tropical volcano? She-Hulk is powerful, but laying a finger on Flash is difficult without getting inside his head.

She-Hulk nearly lost this match by unanimous vote until the case was made that, unlike her hot-headed cousin Bruce Banner, she can revert to her regular, de-powered form at will. As a successful trial lawyer for superheroes, Ms. Walters is used to making arguments that make people stop and think, and could easily hold Flash’s attention for long enough to convince him to a handshake, at which point she would hulk out and crush him before he could escape.

Not all powers involve gamma radiation. Just saying.

Wonder Woman vs Spider-Man

How does Amazonian warfare lock on to an acrobat with near-psychic reflexes? Wonder Woman (Diana Prince)’s weapons would not likely last long against Spider-Man (Peter Parker) and his webs, but those same webs are his downfall. One of the conditions of these matchups is that each hero carries their usual equipment for a day’s vigilantism, and for Spider-Man this means his web shooters are loaded with his basic formula, meaning Wonder Woman could easily break free once tangled in it. Much like the She-Hulk vs Flash showdown, Wonder Woman need only get within arm’s reach of Spider-Man to end the fight.

Round Three

Batman vs Deadpool

There is a truism among Batman fans that “he’s prepared for everything,” and Batman does have experience with several regenerative opponents, but Deadpool is lethal and persistent in a way that Batman is not equipped to fight on an ordinary day. There was no doubt among teens that Batman would likely crush, disable, and perhaps dismember Deadpool several times in the course of their fight, but Deadpool’s ability to come back healed every time would tire him out, and even Batman has his limits.

She-Hulk vs Wonder Woman

If this were strictly a matter of physical prowess, then She-Hulk has the advantage of gaining strength the angrier she gets, eventually overpowering Wonder Woman. However, Wonder Woman has her sword, shield, and an unbreakable lasso of truth, as well as experience fighting mythical beasts. If push came to shove, she could hog-tie She-Hulk and win any number of ways from there.


Wonder Woman vs Deadpool

It all comes down to a fight between near-immortals, the warrior demigoddess versus the self-healing assassin. This fight required some clarification as to each side’s limits: it is possible to knock out or kill either of them, given enough effort. Deadpool’s teleportation and firearms put Wonder Woman at an immediate disadvantage, but she has the strength and reflexes to curb his usual tricks. The pro-Deadpool side was convinced that this was a retread of the Batman and Iron Man fights, with Deadpool simply outlasting his opponent. The pro-Wonder Woman side was incredulous at the idea that some mook with a gun could defeat the divine Wonder Woman. A compromise was reached when the question was raised: what would the lasso of truth do to Deadpool? He listens to several competing voices in his head at any given moment, and having to confront the truth of his insanity would likely incapacitate him. In this way, Deadpool kind of defeats himself.


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