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What is an App? And What do I do with One?

Modern devices are smart, fast, and mobile. Today's phones, tablets, and ereaders are capable of doing more than we can imagine. But they don't come automatically loaded with all the functions we want them to have.

In order to fit all the brains into our tiny, modern devices, engineers leave out as many tools as they can. It's up to you to load only the tools that you are going to use onto your device. And you do this in the form of "apps."

The word "apps" is short for "applications." Each app has a specific function to perform once it is loaded onto your device. So how do you get them?

Here is the simplified list of steps it takes to get an app loaded onto your device:

  1. Visit the store. Search for the app or functionality you want to install:
    • Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch): iTunes
    • Andriod (Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, Motorola Droid, LG Lucid, HTC Evo): Google Play
    • Windows (Surface, Windows Phone, Razer Edge): Click on the "Store" icon on the homescreen
  2. Read the descriptions, check the ratings from other users, and complete your due diligence. Make sure the app you are installing is what you want.
  3. Purchase by following the prompts on the page.
  4. Your device should do most of the work from here. Continue to follow the prompts until your device is installed.

Need more? Try this video explanation and instructions from Common Craft. Or, ask us your questions - we eat this stuff for breakfast.