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Your RichlandLibrary.com is constantly growing and evolving

Why Does RichlandLibrary.com Keep Changing?

The website team at RichlandLibrary.com is constantly launching updates and enhancements. Some changes are behind the scenes, and some are noticeable. This can cause customers to question "Why does the website keep changing?"

Like most teams, the RichlandLibrary.com team has sets of long and short term goals. And like many modern website teams, we work toward those goals by launching changes (or iterations) as they are ready. This comes from the Agile project management approach - see the link below for more on that. Launching changes in iterations allows us to watch how real users interact with the tools we are developing, before we get too far down the path.

For example, we launched our in-site fine payment before the account management tool for placing holds and changing account information was ready. This allowed us to learn from the way you use the fine payment system to make the in-site account management tools easier to use.

In December 2012 we launched a brand new website. Since that time, we have uploaded over 2,000 updates and site enhancements. Some of these uploads caused changes that you noticed, and some didn't. And with each change we are constantly monitoring customer usage and feedback to help us make informed decisions about how to move forward.

The new website represents only a small portion of the online service we have planned for Richland Library card holders. Some long-term goals include:

  • Integration of all Information Sources - Currently, customers visit separate websites to search the catalog, research a topic using subscription databases, download an ebook, and download music. Almost all library systems operate the same way - with online services operating out of seperate websites. However, having separate websites for separate online library services can be confusing. By launching improvements like in-site catalog search, and in-site account mangement, we are working toward a website that reduces the amount of website hopping a customer will have to do.
  • Mobile and tablet optimization - Have you noticed how well the library website works on your cell phone? Our website optimizes itself to your screen so you can get the information you want from us no matter where you are. Long term, look for our site to offer you information that is specific to the device you are visiting from in order to make getting downloads even easier.

We are working toward a site that ensures any customer can easily interact with all we offer online.

Interested in Helping Shape RichlandLibrary.com?

We have formed website advisory groups using Facebook. These groups will answer questions, help us test new functionality, and tell us what they want us to work on next. Join one of our website advisory groups >

What Else?

Do you have a comment? Would you like to suggest a topic for me to write about next time? My name is Kelly Coulter, and I am the manager of the website team here at Richland Library. Email me at kcoulter@richlandlibrary.com.