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We customize our homepage to you to get you where you are going faster

Your Customized Homepage at

Have you noticed that the homepage changes almost every time you visit? You may have. But have you noticed that the homepage gives you different links, pictures, and information than it gives other people? Well it does.

The homepage of customizes itself for you based on a few pieces of information.

  • First, we look at where you are. This helps us present events that are happening near you.
  • Then, we look at what you visited in the past. Some of the options on your customized homepage are simply links to your most recently visited pages.
  • Third, we look at the types of things you have visited in the past. We can't tell who you are or exactly what you have been doing, but we can use some general information about your website use to form an educated guess on what types of things you might be looking for today.
  • Coming soon: We will soon use information about the device you use to visit the website to give you information about downloads for that device.

We want you to get the most out of your library card. Customizing the content you see each time you visit the site helps get you where you are going faster.

Interested in Helping Shape

We have formed website advisory groups using Facebook. These groups will answer questions, help us test new functionality, and tell us what they want us to work on next. Join one of our website advisory groups >

What Else?

Do you have a comment? Would you like to suggest a topic for me to write about next time? My name is Kelly Coulter, and I am the manager of the website team here at Richland Library. Email me at