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Janet H. -

Business and Job Center Work Stations

Many of you may be familiar with the services available in the Business and Job Center, located on the 3rd level of the Main Library. However, you may not know that we also have... More 
Lori C. -

Not Qualified? Don't Apply!

A job seeker contacted me the other day to say she is ready to give up on finding a job because she is tired of hearing no or nothing at all or, if she does get an interview, never being picked... More 
Lori C. -
One of my “cringe” phrases to read on a résumé is “good communication skills.” What does that even mean? Liz Ryan, CEO of, says, “Anyone who says he or she has ‘excellent communication skills’ evidently doesn't! Because, if you had them, you wouldn't use trite words to describe... More 
Lori C. -
We all recognize the logos of popular companies like McDonald’s golden arches or Nike's swoosh but the brand is actually the impression we have of those companies: what is their promise of value and do they deliver on that promise? What makes them different from all other brands and why should I buy... More 
Lori C. -

6 Seconds to Impress

Do you remember the game show “Name that Tune?” The object was to guess the song in as few as notes as possible. Today, employers and hiring managers are hoping they can “name your tune” in mere... More 
Lori C. -

Tapping into the Hidden Job Market

Think of an iceberg. The part of the iceberg that shows above the water represents the open job market – the 20% of jobs that are posted publically. The larger part of the iceberg, hidden below... More 
Lori C. -
I recently read an article by Patti Breckenridge, Manager of Talent Acquisition at Publix Super Markets. After reviewing 1000s of résumés each year, she details the most common mistakes job seekers make. If you have been applying for 100s of jobs and sending the same résumés and cover letters but not getting many call... More 
Sylvie G. -
Richland Library's support and networking group for job seekers, Career...Encore!, recently learned how to ignite and create a more effective job search strategy. First, they were shown how to research companies/organizations that interested them. Then, they were encouraged to find unique ways to introduce themselves... More 
Lori C. -
One of this biggest and most common mistakes made by IT professionals is trying to pack everything they have ever done onto one resume. It doesn’t work. If employers are spending less than 30 seconds looking at a resume, they do not have the time to weed through 3 pages of acronyms and jargon. As with all... More 


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