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5 Things You Only Thought You Had to Pay For

My grandfather, Poppy, taught me some of the most important things I'll ever need to know. He taught me how to drive, how to laugh at myself (trust me, any man who reads the daily paper, speaks three languages, and refers to tuning into professional wrestling as "watching cartoons" knows a little something about how to laugh at himself), and how to be smart with money. Aside from teaching me the importance of taking care of my belongings, Poppy also taught me about quality. One of his favorite sayings was "Buy cheap, buy twice." He, obviously, was not talking about getting a good deal on something that he needed -- he was talking about paying for something of low quality. If he needed a lawnmower, Poppy would ask for recommendations and wait until his lawnmower of choice was on clearance. I think my grandfather would be proud knowing that I thoroughly research every major purchase, but he would be especially proud to know that because of resources available at the library, I'm able to do that research for free.

But the library doesn't just have Consumer Reports and the NADA guides. We have lots of other great free stuff too. I'm certain that he would be thrilled to know that I have free access to some of my favorite magazines, I used a self-scoring test on Learning Express to study for the GRE, and that I can legally download music. Now that I'm seriously thinking about saving for retirement, I'm using Morningstar Investment Guides to help me make decisions about investing. Did you know that we have access to's extensive archives? Visit any branch and use it for free. And check out some of our resources below!


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