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Apps for Children: Endless Numbers

The adorable monsters of Endless Alphabet return in this fun early math skills app. Ride along on the Ferris wheel as the monsters guide you through numbers, counting and simple addition.

Tapping the numbered cars on the wheel leads children through activities that teach number recognition, basic addition, and counting by twos, fours, fives, etc. The activities are highly intuitive and don't pressure users to come up with correct answers, so children are able to navigate the app easily and at their own pace. Each number is made as engaging as possible with a combination of fun voices and fantastic artwork. The silly animations that link each number, like the six-armed monster doing a wiggly disco dance, are sure to provide plenty of giggles.

Endless Numbers is recommended for ages 3 - 5, and the first five numbers are free to try. Additional numbers, up to 25, can be purchased in-app for $4.99.