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Early Literacy Challenge: ABC Mix-Up

Challenge yourself to read, sing, talk, play, and write with your child in new ways this week!

Read: Share alphabet books like The ABCers by Carole Lexa Schaefer, An Annoying ABC by Barbara Bottner, and Museum ABC by the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Sing: Use Bingo to sing and spell your child's name. "There is a child that I know best and Laura is her name, oh! L-A-U-R-A! L-A-U-R-A! L-A-U-R-A! And Laura is her name, oh!"

Talk: Ask open ended questions about letters. "What begins with A? Who has A in their name?" Preschool children will start to recognize and identify with all the letters in their first name.

Play: Create letters from string, play dough, and sticks. Talk about letters while children are playing. "What are you cooking? What letter does that start with?"

Write: Spend time each day scribbling, drawing and writing. Where do your letters start? At the top!

When learning to write, it's easiest to start with capital letters that are at least three inches tall. Have your child trace them with her fingers. This will build both letter awareness and hand coordination.


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