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Get Creative with Pictures

Yes, the age of social media is upon us!  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are redefining the way we share memories including our thoughts and pictures.  What happened to the good 'ol days of assembling photo albums, sitting down with friends, and laughing over great memories?  Well, these days, this just happens when someone pulls up a Facebook page or a Twitter feed on a smartphone and tries to show the same picture to 5 different people on a tiny screen.  Recently, I got frustrated when I was prompted to update the software on my phone but found out I didn't have enough memory to run the update.  What did this mean?  Essentially, I had to go through hundreds of pictures so I could decide which ones I did and did not want to hold on to.  But, I wanted to keep ALL of them! 

I started to think about other ways to save pictures I wanted to share with friends then decided to look up creative ways to scrapbook.  I eventually signed up for and attended a scrapbooking class at the St. Andrews library.  I learned so much!  I now know great websites for layout ideas, how to make themed scrapbooks, and the proper way to attach pictures to a scrapbook page.  Don't let technology force you to lose treasured photos, just grab some scrapbook paper, scissors, and adhesive to preserve your memories in a creative way!

Join us at the St. Andrews library on Saturday, May 17th, for Scrapbooking Made Simple at 3:00pm.  Paper will be provided for you to complete a double page layout.  Bring copies of some of your favorite photos to practice with.  Space is limited.  Call 772-6675 to register!

Click on the link below to get a sneak peek of what will happen at the program:




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