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Lulu Walks the Dogs

How do you help your children make sense of dollars and cents? Sharing stories like Lulu Walks the Dog by Judith Viorst is a perfect way to start the conversation.

Great Read Aloud for Ages 5-8

In this sequel to Lulu and the Brontosaurus, Lulu is back, full of dreams and schemes. When she asks for a "superspecial thing," Lulu is surprised to find that her parents won't buy it for her. Despite her best efforts to convince her parents otherwise (like suggesting they sell their car and take the bus), they tell her that she will have to work to earn the money. After much consideration, Lulu decides that she would make an outstanding dog walker. Right away, she has three customers and three problems: Brutus, an enormous dog whose owner pays Lulu extra because of his sheer size, Pookie, a super-sensitive lapdog, and Cordelia, a daschund who loves playing hide-and-seek (well, mostly hide). In Lulu's mind, things are going well as long as she stays on schedule and earns the money. Unfortunately, none of these dogs want to be bossed around by her. When things go wrong the first day, she is unsure what to do (except yell) until she gets help from a surprising person. It's safe to say that, if she learned to be less rude and a smaller pain thanks to a brontosaurus named Mr. B., she learns about respect and being a good partner from Fleischman. By the way, if you're still wondering what the "superspecial thing" that Lulu wanted to buy is, don't worry--all will be revealed! This short chapter book is a terrific read aloud for the whole family and a perfect reminder of what's really valuable.