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The One and Only Ivan is Top Banana!

Congratulations to Katherine Applegate and her book, The One and Only Ivan, for winning the 2013 Newbery Medal an award given to the best children's novel of that year. Based on a true story, Applegate's tale focuses on a gorilla whose home is a shopping mall. "He must be the loneliest gorilla in the world," one little boy says. It's true. Ivan is lonely. Luckily, he does have Bob the dog and Stella the elephant to keep him company. Oh, and he has his art. Ivan is an artist. And so his days pass...One day almost the same as the next. Then Ruby arrives at the Big Top Mall and everything changes. Though he has no idea how he'll do it, Ivan makes a promise to protect this little baby elephant. He is an unlikely hero, but your whole family will cheer for Ivan as he becomes the magnificent silverback gorilla he was always meant to be. This award-winner begs to be read aloud and shared with the ones you love. If your family is wild about animal stories, check out more titles below. Happy Reading!


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