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Raise A Reader With Good Books

A children’s librarian’s favorite words? “I want some good books!” There are few things that make us smile like helping a child find just the right book. And with almost 1 million books in our collection, Richland Library has a lot of good books! We know that reading is not only fun, but also very important.

“By the time a child is five, he will have heard 90% of all the words that he will ever know.” -Jim Trelease, The Read Aloud Handbook

Good books are important no matter your age, but the first five years are crucial in a child’s vocabulary and literacy development. The more books you read to your child, the more words he will hear. Reading should happen every day and all through the day.

Here are some easy ways to incorporate reading into your family’s daily life:

• Read to your child every single day. Fill your home (and car!) with library books. You can check out 60 at one time.

• Read books about ABCs, shapes, numbers, colors and sounds. Library staff are experts. We’ll help you pick out books just right for your child.

• Find time to talk. Point out things in the world and ask your child questions.

• Sing, play and draw with your child. Just a few minutes every day will make all the difference.

• Schedule a daily reading time. There’s nothing better than a bedtime story.

This summer, I hope you’ll make the library part of your weekly routine. Visit us for storytime and other fun family events. There is something happening almost every day! Join the Richland Library Friends’ Summer Reading Challenge and earn prizes as you read. Bring your whole family to see us at the library; we’ll have some good books waiting for you!