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Speed Networking with Rudolf, Frosty, and the Grinch

With so many parties and professional gatherings, the holiday season is a great time to think about your networking skills. Many of us shy away at the thought of it but as many as 80% of all job and business opportunities are not advertised online; they are discovered through networking! You may be surprised by how many people you already know -- family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances -- and how many leads are waiting for you at the end of a simple hand-shake and introduction. Networking does not have to intimidating. Be yourself, be genuine, and learn from some of these holiday "networkers!"

What kind of Networker or Job Seeker are you?

Rudolf: are you someone who “nose” exactly what distinguishes him from all other job seekers and can communicate his value to potential employers?

ADVICE: You’re in good shape! The most important aspect of networking is to know your USP – Unique Selling Point – and to communicate it in a concise, memorable statement.

The Grinch: are you just not going to network because it never has worked before? Maybe it’s not that your shoes are too tight; but your statement of value is not expressed just right.

ADVICE: Nobody wants to hire or work with a bah-humbug! Be sure to always present a positive attitude. Employers see optimistic people are problem solvers because there is no hurdle they cannot work around. Also, be known as the person most willing to pitch in, lend your expertise, and make a positive difference.

Hermey the Elf (who wants to be a dentist): do you have a valuable product or service but can't find your audience or an effective way to market yourself?

ADVICE: You're not just a misfit, you're not a nitwit! Research your target market, understand your audience, and be courageous -- educate your audience about the problem you can solve for them.

Winter Warlock: are you reinventing yourself and still looking for a “little magic” to give you the confidence to tell employers what problem you can solve for them?

ADVICE: Practice, Practice, Practice! Rehearse your key marketing messages and know that brand statements are dynamic – revisit your statement as your career and goals develop.

Frosty the Snowman: are you great in one season but not sure how to adapt to your surroundings or to this new employment climate?

ADVICE: You need to be able to adapt your brand message to different audiences and networking venues. Don’t expect one message to work for every networking opportunity. Everyone should have a 6-second, 30-second, and 1-3 minute "pitch" ready and know how to adjust them to different audiences.

Charlie Brown: are you afraid of everything…especially networking?

ADVICE: Know that you are NOT a block head! Come to our Networking Social on Thursday from 5:30-8:00pm to learn and practice in a supportive atmosphere.

  • Networking can be scary but we’re here to help!
  • Tis the season to get your “self” off the shelf
  • And join us this Thursday for a fun, social event
  • Whether you’re job seeking, employed, a reindeer or Grinch!
  • Thursday, December 12, from 5:30-8:00pm! Come practice your networking skills in a pressure-free, supportive environment. We’ll be on hand to help you craft your 6-second, 30-second, and 1-3 minute brand statements or key marketing messages and give you plenty of opportunities to practice your delivery. It’ll be great fun! Light refreshments will be served. Register online


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