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Women and Encore Careers. It is Possible!

Women, who succeed in creating encore careers, become accomplished at managing their career aspirations. With every job along the way, they learn and grow professionally while cultivating a portfolio of transitional skills that is rebranded towards future career possibilities.

An “encore career,” also called “re-careering,” can be defined as an employment transition made during the latter part of one’s career, usually to the social sector or public-interest field, such as education, health care, social services or nonprofits. While this lifestyle change is primarily among those of us between the ages of 44 and 70, it is not necessarily the rule.

Many persons, regardless of age, are now conducting reality checks. Not only do they research the market for in-demand career opportunities, but they take the time to assess their interests and work values. This crucial self-awareness strategy helps them create an enhanced work-life balance and ultimately a greater sense of purpose. So regardless of age, there is no more excuse to do or not do something!

How about you? Are you ready for an opportunity to "re-career" or embark on your “encore career?” If so, join our panelist of successful women as they share their encore career experiences in an informative and engaging discussion:

Career Encore, Richland Library’s Networking and Support Group will be presenting its second annual program, Women and Encore Careers - Thursday August 7, from 6:00-8:00 p.m., Bostick Auditorium, Main.

This special presentation will feature a panel of five inspiring and empowering women sharing their various career experiences. Sylvie Golod, Career Special for the Business and Job Center will serve as the program moderator. During this panel discussion, attendees will have the opportunity to receive advice and guidance on how to discover, establish and manage one’s own encore career by asking questions and networking with other event participants.

The expert panelists are:

Jackie Capers-Brown, CEO & Founder, Next Level Training Solutions

Bianca Crawford, President, The Crawford Austin Agency

Laslene Glymph, CEO & Founder, Glory Sabbatical House, Inc.

Alison Gratton, Inspector for the SC Board of Pharmacy

Bev Ryan, Keller Williams Realtor ®

Come Join Us. Everyone is Welcomed. (Yes, men, that includes you!)

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