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Examines the philosophical concepts and theories of the Enlightenment, and the people and history behind it. More 
Looks at the development of the three major fields of Western ethics over time, while providing insightful cross-cultural comparisons between ancient moral philosophies of societies across the globe. More 
Surveys the history of the many nations of western Africa where its diverse peoples continue to navigate a path towards a more stable future. More 
Surveys the often volatile histories of each country in the region, covering the diversity of peoples that are an important element of each country's past and future. More 
Documenting a region of various traditions, the nations of northern Africa occupy a unique physical and historical place having absorbed and co-opted Greek, Roman, and Arab peoples and traditions, among others. More 
This book recounts the history of India and much of present-day Pakistan and Bangladesh as well as the factors that have contributed to India's epic economic successes in recent times. More 
This book covers the events that transformed China from an imperial nation to a superpower, introducing the history of the world's largest and one of its most dynamic populations. More 
Documents the history of a region that witnessed some of the world's most brutal and destructive conflicts as well as the birth of several groups who continue to fight for justice and peace in the region. More 
Examines areas that have remained untouched for centuries and areas of technological advancement that have brought this country to the forefront of innovation. More 
Examines the natural and manmade landmarks that reveal as much about the history of this vast nation as its geography. More 


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