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Examines the structure of the atom as well as the ways in which its electrons, protons, and neutrons facilitate both radioactivity and nuclear reactions, both of which have been crucial to technological advancements since the... More 
Once an alternate theory was proposed, the original notion was challenged and, eventually, disproved. This book features theories and ideas that were potent agents of change. More 
Tells the stories of the lives of influential Americans who have achieved greatness and have become celebrated personalities in the United States over the past 300 years. More 
Contains chronologically arranged entries profiling one hundred of the world's most influential scientists from ancient times through the twentieth century. More 
Covers the various structures and elements of different types of matter, while examining the physical and chemical properties that allow for permutation and change. More 
This book delves into the history of mathematical reasoning and the progression of numerical thought around the world. Provides some of the most fundamental arithmetical concepts as well as the individuals who established... More 


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