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Library Card Protection

Library Card Protection

You have a very valuable card in your possession that opens the world to books, music, videos and so much more! The value of this card is immeasurable as a key to the vast amount of materials, information and fun it accesses. As this card is so valuable, it is necessary to remind our customers of the potential dangers of losing one’s card and not reporting it immediately. Losing your library card may not seem to be a “big” deal, but it can be when the card is used by a nefarious and criminally-minded person. Once they have your card, it can be used to checkout up to sixty items of materials, on your account.

Initial responsibility for the use of the card rests in your hands, not the person that used your card. Basically, the loss of your card is like losing a credit card and the finder using it to make hundreds of dollars in purchases. Unfortunately, it is the library and all of our other customers who suffer the loss of materials, but you may also be subjected to unnecessary events.

The possible consequence of failing to report the loss could result in hundreds of dollars in fines and fees, involvement of collection efforts by a third party and credit rating issues. Garnishment of your federal or state income tax refund check could also occur to satisfy the debt to the library.

So… what do you do to protect yourself?

  1. Keep your contact information up to date (Change of addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc)
  2. Make sure you have a solid method of notification from the library when items are due or placed on hold using your card (This may alert you to a lost card before you even know it!)
  3. Do not disregard any notices you receive from the library, call us and we can help
  4. If you lose your card or it is stolen, report the loss or theft of your library card immediately to any Richland Library facility. In all cases where you immediately report the loss of the card, you will not be held liable for any activity on the card from the time and date you reported it.
  5. If you know who the user was, please be prepared to provide this information to us so we can, as necessary, pursue remedies to recover the materials.