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Presenting analysis, context, and criticism on nonfiction works. Provides critical overviews on the most frequently studied nonfiction essays, books, biographies, and memoirs. Includes discussions of literary format, themes, and... More 
Critical interpretations of Shakespeare's plays and poetry. Collection of essays by Shakespeare scholars that have been selected for students at the high school or undergraduate college level. Each entry includes an... More 
Graphic novels -- novels merging pictures and rich language to create a unique experience of literature and art -- are enjoying a renewed popularity, especially with students and young adults. U*X*L's Graphic Novelists... More 
Alexis -

Getting Cozy with the Kindle Paperwhite

Full disclosure: I consider myself a bit of Luddite. Although I am quick to acquire skills necessary to use new technology, I tend to wait until several generations of a device have been released... More 
Rebecca T. -

How To Raise A Reader

Richland Library is dedicated to helping you raise a reader. Reading should happen every day and all through the day. These early literacy tips will help you incorporate reading into your family's... More 
The For Students series is an excellent resource for high school and college students, offering rich analysis, context and criticism on the most frequently studied works. The collection includes Novels for Students, Poetry for... More 
Literary Reference Center™ is a comprehensive database that provides users with a broad spectrum of information on thousands of authors and their works across literary disciplines and timeframes. It has been... More 
Contemporary Literary Criticism, Twentieth Century Literary Criticism, Poetry Criticism and Shakespearean Criticism have been brought together online under a single searchable interface from Gale publishing. More 
David S. -

South Carolina Picture Book Award Nominees 2012-2013

Picture books are a great way to introduce children who haven't yet learned to read to books. Pick up one of the 2012 - 2013 nominees and introduce it to your favorite reader-to-be. More 
David S. -

South Carolina Children's Book Award Nominees 2012-2013

The South Carolina book awards encourage students and children to read good quality contemporary literature and honor the authors of the books annually chosen the favorites by student vote.... More 


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