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Bloom's Literature

High school literature courses are full of great novels, plays and poetry spanning 200 years or more. It is good stuff but can be a bit daunting to a student faced with analyzing the themes, symbols and context of a particular work and writing about it. This is when Blooms Literature can come in handy. Full of essays that will guide students through thematic analysis, writing tips and critiques of much of the literature on the reading list, Blooms will get them on the right track to excel in their study of literature. Bloom's Literature contains information on thousands of authors and their works, an archive of 38,000 characters, plus articles on topics and themes, a timeline, and a special feature on Harold Bloom's Western Literary Canon.Students in 6-12 grade and college will find critiques of many books that are presented in the classroom. Also find detailed guides for writing critical essays and analyzing important literary themes.

To find articles in Boom's Literature, simply type the title of a work, an author's name or a theme (like "nature", "racism" or "love") in the search bar. Tabs at the top of the screen sort results into categories. Articles can be printed, e-mailed or saved to a folder. MLA and Chicago Manual of Style citations are provided with guides and information for other citation styles. The "Help" link at the bottom of the page leads to a handy FAQ list.   This resource provided by Discus - South Carolina's Virtual Library.

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