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Military Transformation and Modern Warfare: A Reference Handbook. Contemporary Military, Strategic, and Security Issues

Military transformation can be understood as comprising three overlapping and sometimes competing "layers" - the conventional-force dominated revolution in military affairs, a more recent irregular warfare emphasis and a wider dimension including domestic defence, space and nuclear policy. The Western world is currently focusing its attention on transformation's middle layer, while China and Russia are focusing on the RMA and transformation's wider aspects. This dynamic indicates the United States and its allies should continue to prepare for the full range of conflicts.This book establishes the meaning of "military transformation," assesses the manner in which certain countries are transforming their military forces, discusses the relevancy of transformation efforts to modern conflict and, in drawing out the key areas of emphasis on the part of various countries, provides a window on the future global security environment. The book devotes two chapters to the United States and one each to China, Russia, NATO, Australia, Britain, Canada, France and Germany. An assessment of the relevancy of force transformation to modern warfare is included. The book contains a biographical sketch of Andrew Marshall, Andrew Krepinevich, William Owens, Arthur Cebrowski, Donald Rumsfeld, and Thomas Barnett, all of who have been involved in some aspect of military transformation.

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