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Perfect Presentations!

Written by: Peter Levin and Graham Topping

Published by: Open University Press, 2006

An invaluable tool for anyone with a presentation to do in a class, seminar or in the workplace, "Perfect Presentations!" helps students and professionals gain the skills and confidence they need to give an effective presentation. This lively, concise and to-the-point guide offers practical advice and tips not only on how to plan and prepare, but also on how to deliver the perfect presentation. "Perfect Presentations!" is ideal for everyone who becomes nervous at the prospect of doing a presentation. Levin and Topping show the importance of knowing your topic area, structuring your presentation well, and building up a rapport with your audience. They offer many suggestions and exercises to help gain and develop these presentation skills.; It tells: how to overcome your fears; how to use body language and eye contact; how to make your presentations audience friendly; and how to use visual aids.

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