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This book follows the war from the rise of Hitler to the dropping of the atomic bombs, through blitzkrieg and bombings, to the treaty that finally ended it all, noting the effects upon future world politics. More 
Covers the important battles and their outcomes, and introduces concepts such as trench warfare and the Schlieffen Plan. More 
Discusses how language is used to communicate with activities and by examining the alphabet, opposites, rhymes, and parts of a sentence. More 
Examines explorations of waterways and land around the world and throughout history, chronicling famous explorers and their journeys. More 
Examines a variety of wildlife with unique characteristics such as the ability to camouflage and natural defenses of armor or quills, along with how habitat effects these creatures' actions. More 
Provides a comprehensive readers advisory for children's and young adult literatures to help readers independently choose titles of interest published in the last year. Features approximately 2,200 entries listing everything... More 
Examines factors and forces that influence weather and climate on Earth - including global warming, natural phenomena, and meteorology - with detailed illustrations and photographs. More 
Examines the science behind nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons of mass destruction, and what treaties and precaution have been enacted to restrict the loss of lives due to these devices. More 
Covers the weaponry, tactics and strategies--such as fortifications, artillery and arms--that have evolved in land-based warfare from ancient times to today. More 
Examines how taking conflicts from land to the water and in the air has changed the strategies and tactics employed during warfare. More 


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